Think Summer!

New spring and summer every day dresses on the way! Pretty and affordable, post as soon as i get them online. Probly about a week, but hopefully sooner!


Apparel craze

Apparel Craze is all about fashion! We sell 100% authentic designer dresses at extremely competitive prices. Also we will start to carry everyday affordable dresses. We are a young husband and wife team that strives for customer satisfactory and we can prove it! We sell some of our dresses and other items on ebay and our feedback score is 100% positive so you can be confident in your purchase. (View our feedback score)

We want the website to come alive with visitors who love what we have to offer, so if you see something you like, Pin it, share it, tweet it, +1 it, like it so we can buy more dresses to make this website awesome and carry more of what you want!