Prom Dresses 2013

With the prom season becoming bigger and bigger each year, you need to plan dress shopping earlier to ensure you`ll get the right dress in your size. Prom style trends change each season, so check out the incoming styles and colors for the 2013 prom season so you know what to look for and expect.


Vibrant oranges and reds are early themes in many 2013 collection previews. Bold colors often complement various skin tones, making bright oranges and red dresses more appealing to the prom crowd.


Peplum dresses have been coming back in the adult fashion world, so it`s not surprising to see the style in prom collections for 2013 as well. Peplum dresses feature a tight bodice top with a ruffle accent at the waist and then fan out a bit before going straight down.


Lace, embroidered beadwork and brocade are expected to feature heavily in the 2013 prom season. While accents are often popular on prom dresses in general, this season appears to be all about flirty lace and antiqued beadwork. Some lace dresses are very antiqued in appearance with the fabric work but still have a modern feel overall.

Lace dresses may be on the tighter side for a silhouette. This trend is seen in the 2013 season`s darker dresses, such as black and gray. Bead detail may accent the waist or top part of the bodice.

Sequins are another prom dress staple, but the 2013 trend seems to be leaning toward “less is more” when it comes to the shiny accents. Sequins are featured in patterns rather than tight clusters and many blend into the gown, giving off a shine as opposed to creating a contrast.

Vintage Glamour

Vintage-style dresses go in and out of style, with the favored periods changing by prom season. For 2013, expect to see dresses inspired by the flapper movement of the 1920s and ball gowns inspired by the dresses of the early to mid-1950s. The flapper-themed dresses are short and feature extensive beadwork, while the 1950s-style ball gowns are full and feature lacework and embroidery.


Sleeves on prom dresses are making a comeback for a variety of reasons. With sleeves, the dress top is often more secured, the wearer has more underclothing choices and no wrap is necessary. Both cap-sleeves and single-sleeves are popular among the dress styles for 2013. Long-sleeves are also making an appearance, particularly with shorter gowns.


Having fallen out of favor in previous seasons, ruffles are making a huge impact in 2013. One popular early style is a tight embellished or metallic bodice with a full ruffled skirt. Ruffles are being seen in a tighter, spiral pattern, giving the dresses a “glam” rock star feel.

Nude Accents

Sheer, nude accents, whether down the side or through the middle, are another staple of the 2013 prom dress season. Most split dresses, such as those at Couture Candy , have nude inserts over accented areas so the wearer does not feel exposed in the dress.


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