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Top 30 Best Printed Prom Dresses For 2013

This is the first of our annual best of the best top print style prom dress list. To be as fair as possible I poured through every dress on each designers website from one of their current collections and only selected one of their best print style prom dresses. This is an extensive list of designers and brands, so enjoy!

1. Precious Formals P55159

This long strapless print prom dress has amazing color. It has a wild sequined print overlay with mirror jewels and leopard print that shows from the thigh high slit.

Print Prom Dress P55159

2. Alyce dress 6820

This long designer prom gown by Alyce is a very sexy long halter style gown. It features a deep V-neck bust-line and matching beaded embellishments on waist and also on the straps. The print dress has crisscross straps and leopard print that drapes down the rear of the skirt.

See the Alyce long print prom dress.

3. Xtreme prom 32385

This high low style prom gown has a gorgeous orange/multi color. It has a strapless jeweled bodice with a high low print organza skirt.

Print style prom dress by Xtreme style 32385

4. Tony Bowls Le Gala 113522

Amazingly detailed print prom dress. This gown has a strapless fitted corset style top with gemstones and a lace up back. The dress features a long skirt with big beautiful print.

Tony Bowls Le Gala long print prom dress #113522.

5. Flirt by Maggie Sottero P5753

Very pretty strapless prom dress with a sweetheart neckline. This gown has large monochromatic floral print that is layered with tulle and a full ball gown style skirt.

Black and white prom dress from Flirt.

6. Terani Couture P111

Gorgeous prom dress with sexy side cutouts, stonework and a deep V-cut neckline. This dress features beautiful lavender, purple and pink floral print and a long flowing skirt.

See the Terani P111 prom dress.

7. BG Haute

Lots of features in this short print style prom dress. The strapless mini gown has a fitted leopard print bodice with a natural waistline. The full A-line skirt has layered tulle underneath and is perfectly complimented with rhinestone and ostrich feather patterning.

BG Haute leopard print prom dress 28074

8. Blush 9518

Stunning design in this dress. The long one shoulder printed chiffon prom gown features a wide range of colors and fades out at the bottom almost like clouds.

See the 2013 Blush prom gown 9518.

9. Jasz Couture 4539

Very stunning prom dress for 2013. This gown features embellished shoulder straps and unique back cut-outs. It has a long solid color skirt with a floral print train that also matches the pleated print bodice.

Floral print prom dress for 2013 by Jasz Couture.

10. Mori Lee ( Sticks & Stones collection ) 9166

Beautiful short prom or homecoming print dress. The short strapless mini gown features a sweetheart neckline and gorgeous fuchsia leopard print on organza material.

Fuchsia leopard print mini gown for prom by Mori Lee #9166.

11. Fame 9832

Timeless one shoulder prom gown with animal print on the Ruffled shoulder strap and the inside skirt. Other special features include a handmade flower on the skirt and a pleated drop waist and lace up back.

One shoulder print prom gown by Fame.

12. Crush 11343

Tons of beautiful print. This strapless long prom dress has a bead encrusted bust with a deep sweetheart cut. A wide sash separates the long skirt with amazing print.

Crush prom 11343

13. Cassandra Stone 64312

Pretty peacock prom dress with crisscrossing bead work, back cut outs and a sexy high leg slit.

Cassandra Stone by Mac Duggal peackock print prom gown.

14. La Femme 17159

Gorgeous fashion forward prom dress. This one shoulder gown has unique print, a beaded hip design and a high slit.

Fashion forward print dress by La Femme 17159.

15. Night Moves 503

Beautiful long print dress. The 503 has a deep sweetheart cut with pretty swirled ruching design.

The Night Moves 503F print dress.

16. Panoply 14560

An amazing dress by Panoply. The strapless printed charmeuse gown features a shirred bodice with rhinestone trim and a high low ruffled skirt.

Panoply 14560 high low print prom dress.

17. Sherri Hill 99001

Very pretty print colors. This strapless prom gown has a sweetheart neckline and a long flowing skirt with multi color print.

Sherri Hill 2013 fashion print dress style 99001

18. Faviana 6905

Beautiful colors in this high low prom dress. The 6905 has beaded straps and a vivid print color combination.

2013 high low prom dress from Faviana 6905.

19. Nina Canacci 160003

An amazing chiffon leopard print dress. This high low prom dress is a perfect fashion forward gown with hand beading and gorgeous leopard print.

Print Nina 160003

20. Riva R9623

Gorgeous display of leopard print sequins. The 9623 features a satin crisscross bodice, a sweetheart neckline with multi colored gems and a leopard print sequined net skirt.

Print Riva R9623

21. Mystique 3356

Gorgeous printed taffeta prom dress. This strapless gown has a straight neckline, a lace up back design and features pretty  print on a mermaid skirt with tulle.

Mystique prom dress 3356

22. Dave & Johnny 8925

A beautiful display of print. This figure flattering prom dress has sweetheart cut with spaghetti straps and a high slit. The stringy style print has very pretty details.

23. Kiss Kiss Formals P3580

Perfect color combination. This strapless high low prom gown has a detachable train with inside bright leopard print, beaded bust and waistline, and a keyhole back.

24. Dana Mathers  ( Leiticia Floral Zebra )

Colorful high low prom dress. This gown has a deep V-cut in the bust, a low back with crisscross straps and a perfectly combined floral and zebra print.

25. Shimmer 59619

Beautiful one shoulder dress. This gown has a beautiful gold print, beaded shoulder strap, gathered bodice and a high leg slit.

26. Enzoani Love 16 Prom P-1322

Great detail in this gown. The 1322 printed chiffon prom dress has a sweetheart neckline with a corset style top and exposed boning. It displays beautiful hot pink print on ivory.

Hot pink and ivory print dress from Love 16.

27. Lafee E157045

A fabulous print dress. This gown has a strapless sweetheart cut and a beautiful spring print color on organza.

Spring color prom dress with print on organza from Lafee.

28. Clarisse 2170

Beautiful mermaid print prom dress. This one shoulder gown has iridescent beading and a mermaid skirt with pretty print.

Clarisse print gown for 2013.

29. Splash Prom HC015

Stunning color and design. The HC105 from Splash shows off gorgeous pop swirl print and has the perfect fashion forward design features to wow at your prom.

Splash prom dress with print for 2013.

30. Colors 0302

Vivid color prom dress. The one shoulder print gown has an amazing splash of vibrant colors and a high leg slit.

See this Colors 0302 print style one shoulder dress.

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101 Of The Best Prom Dresses For 2013

2013 prom season is here! After seeing so many dresses each day I thought I would put together a list of the top 101 best prom dresses for 2013. I searched through every gown from all of the brands and designers that I could think of and came up with 101 of the best prom gowns for this year. I hope you love the fashion picks!

1. Xcite prom dress 30302

  • Features: Strapless prom dress, embroidered edging, full length skirt.
  • Available in gold and silver colors – ( 0-20 )

Xcite Prom Dresses

2. Xcite  30314

  • Features: Short strapless prom dress, chunky beading, satin and tulle skirt, lace up back.
  • Available in black and fuchsia – ( 0-20 )

2 of 101 best 2013 prom dresses

3. Xcite 30323

  • Features: Ball gown style prom dress, beading, corset bodice with lace up back, sweetheart neckline.
  • Available in hot pink and yellow – ( 0-20 )

3 of 101 best 2013 prom dresses.

4. Xcite 30341

  • Features: High low prom dress, strapless, beading, sweetheart neckline, organza.
  • Available in fuchsia and aqua colors – ( 0-20 )

4th of the 101 best 2013 prom dresses

5. Xcite 30394

  • Features: High low prom dress, organza skirt, strapless, beaded upper bust.
  • Available in lilac/orchid or turquoise/apple – ( 0-20 )

High low prom dress by Xcite style 30394

6. Xtreme 32319

  • Features: Long prom dress, taffeta and leopard print taffeta, long skirt with side slit.
  • Available in black / multi colors – ( 0-20 )

Xtreme 2013 prom dress 32319FL

7. Xtreme 32321

  • Features: Long satin prom dress, beaded straps, cut outs with beading.
  • Available in cerise or eggplant colors – ( 0-20 )

Xtreme prom dress 32321 for 2013

8. Xtreme prom dress #32334

Features: Two piece prom dress, pleather material, beading, tiered skirt.

Available in black – ( 0-20 )

Two piece prom dress Xtreme 32334

9. Xtreme 32344

  • Features:  Long prom dress, deep V-neck style, sequin, double straps.
  • Available in red – ( 0-20 )

The Extreme red dress 32344

10. Flirt P2777

  • Features: Long satin prom dress, jewel and sequin encrusted bodice, rouched satin waist.
  • Available in vintage teal, glam red or purple peony.

2013 Flirt prom dress P2777 purple peony

11. The Flirt P5746

  • Features: Satin prom dress, layered feather skirt, strapless
  • Available in black, flirty pink and island blue colors.

Flirt prom dress P5746

12. Flirt P4704

  • Features: High low prom dress, crystal embellished neckline, cross body rouching, organza ruffled skirt.
  • Available in electric pink, white and limeade colors.

Prom dress from Flirt style P4704

13. Flirt P4755

  • Features: Long strapless prom dress, floral details, feathers, feathered lace applique, aysmmetrical skirt.
  • Available in hot berry pink/black, charcoal/black and deep teal/black.Flirt prom dress P4755 for 2013

14. Flirt P2763

  • Features: Long strapless satin prom dress, bodice with exterior boning, embellished crystal belt, lace motifs.
  • Available in majestic cobalt/ black or bright fuchsia/black colors.

Flirt 2763 prom dress

15. Terani Couture P1550

  • Features: Long metallic wrap, crystal embellished single shoulder strap, back cut out design, crystal embellished underlay.
  • Available in pink and blue colors – ( 0-18 )

Terani Couture P1550 Prom Dress

16. Terani Couture P1643

  • Features: Long prom dress, Crystal encrusted bodice, long satin skirt,V neckline, V-cut back, high slit
  • Available in nude color – ( 0-18 )

Terani Couture P1643 Prom Dress

17. Terani Couture P1606

  • Features: Short strapless prom dress, sweetheart neckline, sparkling bodice.
  • Available in black, fancy fuchsia and royal blue – ( 0-16 )

See the Terani Couture prom dress

18. Terani Couture P1552

  • Features: Long strapless prom gown, two toned crystals, fitted bodice, shape hugging slinky fabric.
  • Available in purple, fuchsia, royal blue, turquoise and gold – ( 0-18 )

Terani Long Prom Dress P1552

19. Terani Couture P1514

  • Long metallic toned prom gown, silver sequins, low cut back with crisscross straps, slinky shape hugging material.
  • Available in ivory, royal blue and fuchsia – ( 0-18 )

Prom dress from Terani Couture style P1514

20. Paparazzi by Mori Lee 93038

  • Mermaid style prom dress, low cut back with crisscross straps, charmeuse, mermaid skirt with tulle.
  •  White and royal colors – ( 0-24 )

best prom dresses for 2013

21. Paparazzi by Mori Lee 93060

  • Ball gown prom dress, strapless, sweetheart neckline, beading, tulle.
  • Peacock, fuchsia and nitro – ( 0-24 )

Mori Lee prom dress 93060

22. Paparazzi by Mori Lee 93062

  • Beaded long prom gown, covered in beading, high slit, double shoulder straps, deep V-neck style front.
  • Pink diamond and blue diamond – ( 0-24 )

Prom dress Mori Lee 93062

23. Paparazzi by Mori Lee 93077

  • Mermaid style dress for prom, beaded bust, beaded shoulder straps, low cut open back, ruffled organza skirt.
  • Red and black colors – ( 0-24 )

Black mermaid prom dress 93077

24. Paparazzi by Mori Lee 93078

  • High low strapless gown, detailed lace bodice with beading, ruffled organza skirt.
  • Lilac and red – (0-24 )

Pretty high low prom dress Paparazzi 93078

25. Paparazzi by Mori Lee 93085

  • Princess style ball gown, strapless dress, ruffled organza skirt with accents, beading on corset style top,
  • Bright purple, deep aqua, coral and white – ( 0-24 )

2013 Princess prom ball gown 93085 from Mori Lee

26. Paparazzi by Mori Lee 93097

  • Long beaded strapless prom dress with lace, sweetheart neckline,
  • Fuchsia/nude and black/nude – ( 0-24 )

Prom dresses for 2013 93097

27. Flaunt by Mori Lee 93206

  • Long prom gown with stretch net material, spaghetti straps that crisscross in back, iridescent beading.
  • Pink/multi and blue/multi – ( 0-24 )

Pretty prom dress Flaunt 93206

28. Flaunt by Mori Lee 93217

  • Long charmeuse prom dress, strapless sweetheart neckline, beading, mid-cut back, high slit.
  • Black/nude and nude – ( 0-24 )

Gorgeous black prom dress from Mori Lee

29. Flaunt by Mori Lee 93212

  • Long prom dress, strapless charmeuse sweetheart bodice with beading, long chiffon skirt
  • Deep purple, neon pink, neon orange – ( 0-24 )

Long pink prom dress 93212

30. Flaunt by Mori Lee 93225

  • Long strapless prom gown, mesh bodice with charmeuse bust and beading, long charmeuse skirt with slit.
  • Black and ivory – ( 0-24 )

Amazing black prom dress

31. Faviana 7106

  • Multi sequined prom dress, strapless with mesh side inserts, mid-cut back, high slit.
  • Red multi sequins – ( 0-14 )

Long sequined prom dress with mesh side inserts 7106

32. Faviana 7154

  • Print sequin prom dress, strapless, mid-cut back, tulle skirt.
  • Royal/silver and sugarplum/silver – ( 0-14 )

Sequin print prom dress style 7154

33. Faviana 7191

  • Short prom dress, Strapless bodice with lace up back, ruffled tiered skirt.
  • Hot Pink – ( 0-12 )

Prom dress by Faviana 7191

34. La Femme 18910

  • Fit and flare style prom dress, strapless encrusted bodice with sweetheart neckline, waist band, long glistening tulle skirt.
  • White, aqua, lavender and light pink – ( 00-14 )

La Femme 18910

35. La Femme 18686

  • Strapless prom gown, sweetheart bodice with iridescent beading, long chiffon skirt.
  • Available in magenta paradise color – ( 00-20 )

La Femme 18686 prom dress

36. La Femme 18646

  • One shoulder dress for prom, iridescent stone encrusted bodice, chiffon waist belt and long skirt, sheer mesh back with large stone beads.
  • Cotton candy pink, aqua, magenta paradise and white. ( 00-12 )

La Femme 18646

37.  La Femme 18584

  • Strapless long prom dress, bodice is made up of  rouched sequin patterns, Sweetheart neckline, empire chiffon dress, mid-cut back, fitted waist band.
  • Purple mist, platinum, navy, nude, magenta paradise and peacock – ( 00-18 )

La Femme 18584

38. La Femme 18490

  • Chiffon halter dress for prom, tonal stone neck strap, low-cut back that ties across.
  • Jungle green – ( 00-12 )

La Femme prom 18490

39. La Femme 18282

  • Mermaid strapless dress for prom, crisscross rouching, stones line top of the trumpeted skirt, nude lining.
  • Black, nude/red and nude – ( 00-14 )

La Femme 18282

40. Precious Formals Hollywood Envy V20947

  • Strapless prom dress, sequined skirt with detail, gathered charmeuse bodice, jeweled sweetheart neckline.
  • Available in black/multi. 00-20

Prom dress for 2013

41. Precious Formals P44286

  • Short prom dress with illusion fabric, strapless bodice with jewels that border top of sweetheart neckline, also jewels under bust and waist.
  • Fuchsia ombre color – ( 00-20 )

Short prom dress with illusion fabric

42. Precious Formals P44312

  • Bigger version of the above dress, princess gown for prom, illusion material and beading around the strapless bodice, full ball gown skirt.
  • Fuchsia ombre – ( 00-30 )

Precious Formals ball gown for prom 44312

43. Precious Formals Posh Precious collection O10513

  • Ball gown style formal gown, fitted strapless satin corset top with beads, full skirt with layers of tulle.
  • Fuchsia – ( 00-30 )

Ball gown formal dress

44. Blush 9508

  • High low prom gown, strapless beaded bustier, satin skirt that wraps around.
  • Sapphire, mulberry, tangerine, fuchsia, pale gold and valentine. ( 0-30 )

blush prom dress 9508

45. Blush 9601

  • Beaded sequin prom dress, chunky silver stones, tonal sequins, long satin skirt with slit.
  • Orchid and turquoise – ( 0-30 )

Blush prom dress 9601

46. Blush 9586

  • Strapless prom dress,  jeweled stones, beads, silver floral pattern, long full dance skirt.
  • Available in magenta, turquoise and yellow – ( 0-30 )

blush 9586

47. Crush 13174

  • Sequin prom dress, strapless bodice with a sweetheart neckline, low-cut back design with horizontal strap, high slit.
  • Dark fuchsia and blue – ( 0-18 )

Crush prom dress 13174

48. Crush prom 12149

  • Black/fuchsia one shoulder satin prom dress, beads and allure of pearls on the one shoulder strap, unique back design.
  • Black/fuchsia  – ( 0-18 )

Best prom dresses 2013 Crush 12149

49. Crush prom 12090

  • High low formal dress, chunky eastern style shisa mirrored jewels, tiered ruffle skirt, corset top.
  • Turquoise and pink – ( 0-18 )

Crush prom dress 12090

50. Crush prom 13609

  • High low multi color prom dress, strapless with lace up back, jewels and beading.
  • Black and multi colors – ( 0 – 18 )

Crush formal gown 13609

51. BG Haute F28078

  • Short animal print prom dress, strapless with sweetheart neckline, beaded and rhinestoned waistline, tiered organza skirt, animal print.
  • White/black and fuchsia/black.

Mini prom dress F28078

52. BG Haute F21030

  • One shoulder mermaid prom gown, slim fitted bodice, rouching, florette and motifs with rhinestones and beading on the shoulder strap.
  • Purple color.Prom dress for 2013 BG Haute 21030

53. Clarisse 2112

  • Long prom gown,strapless fitted bodice, mid-cut back, Beading, charmeuse material.
  • Golden yellow and fuchsia colors – ( 0-20 )

Prom dress by Clarisse

54. Clarisse 2114

  • High low dress for prom, sequined netting, strapless corset style, sweetheart neckline, mid-cut back.
  • Gold. ( 0-20 )

Clarisse prom 2114

55. Clarisse 2154

  • Long charmeuse prom dress, low-cut back with beading, deep V-cut bust, high slit.
  • Tangerine and teal – ( 0-20 )

Clarisse prom dress 2154

56. Clarisse 2171

  • Long prom dress, strapless bodice with wavy print, sequins, tiered organza layered skirt.
  • Violet/white – ( 0-20 )

Clarisse prom 2171

57. Riva Designs R9569

  • Long sequined prom gown, deep V-cut bust, double shoulder straps in front that crisscross in back, beaded waist line.
  • Hot pink and topaz – ( 00-16 )

Riva prom R9569

58. Riva Designs R9584

  • High low style dress, sequined and jeweled bodice, corset lace up back design, tiered organza over-skirt.
  • Royal and white – ( 00-20 )

Riva Designs prom R9584

59. Studio 17 12377

  • Ball gown prom dress, Strapless bodice with sweetheart neckline and heavy A.B. beading, full skirt with tulle and glitter, lace up back.

Purple, pink and turquoise – ( 0-18 )

Studio 17 Prom Dress 12377

60. Studio 17 12350

  • One shoulder sequin prom gown, double one shoulder strap design, laser sequin, jersey, rhinestone.
  • Pink laser and orchid laser colors – ( 0-30 )

Studio 17 Prom Dress 12350

61. Jasz Couture 4901

Strapless charmeuse prom gown, beaded and lace embellished corset with boning, pleated waist band, center and back accent.

  • Fuchsia and gold – ( 00-18 )

Jasz prom dress 4901

62. Jasz Couture 4908

  • High low prom dress, beaded trimmed shoulder straps, cut-outs and chunky stones, center accent, ruffled skirt.
  • Royal, ice blue and pink – ( 00-18 )

Prom dress by Jasz Couture style 4908

63. Jasz Couture 4911

  • Halterneck prom gown, lace embellished corset, long charmeuse skirt with slit and long flowing train, sheer waist.
  • Pink, black, vanilla and red – ( 00-18 )

Jasz prom dress 4911

64. Jasz Couture 3037

  • Long prom gown, beaded waterfall back design that continues down the train, bead trimmed shoulder straps, V-neck and empire waist.
  • Royal, ice pink, vanilla and red – ( 00-18 )

Jasz Couture prom gown 3037

65. Kiss Kiss Formal S13-P3509

  • Strapless long charmeuse prom dress, rouching on bodice, sweetheart neckline, beads, sequins and rhinestone embellished.
  • Available in black – ( 2-22 )

66. Kiss Kiss Formal S13-P3511

  • Long strapless taffeta mermaid style gown for prom, two tone pleating, brooch at mid section, sweeping train.
  • Available in pink/black, white/black and turquoise black. ( 2-16 )

67. Kiss Kiss Formal S13-P3597

  • A-line prom gown, deep V-neckline bust, rouching at bodice, low keyhole back and crisscross back shoulder straps, beads and sequins, sweeping train, charmeuse.
  • Available in canary and purple teal colors – ( 2-16 )

68. Mac Duggal 4946M

  • Strapless long prom dress, slight sweetheart neckline with beaded bust, tiered ruffled skirt,  rouching and center stone.
  • Available in teal and red. ( 0-14 )

Prom gown by Mac Duggal 4946M

69. Mac Duggal 61285M

  • Long strapless gown for prom, fully sequined corset top with exposed boning, mid-cut back, long flowing chiffon skirt with slit.
  • Black/silver and white aqua – ( 0-12 )

Prom gown from Mac Duggal 61285M

70. Mac Duggal 42660M

  • Peacock style prom dress, featured in seventeen magazine, embellished, large stone work, strapless bodice, sequins, beading.
  • Purple and peacock colors – ( 0-16 )

Prom dress by Mac Duggal 42660M

71. Cassandra Stone 76490A

  • Mermaid style gown for prom, long skirt with swirls of sequins on back, strapless bodice and sweeping train.
  • Black/gold and ivory gold – ( 0-16 )

Cassandra Stone mermaid prom gown 76490A

72. Cassandra Stone 3702A

  • Full sequined prom gown, one shoulder dress, cut outs on the back and high slit on skirt.
  • Black multi colors – ( 0-14 )

sequined prom gown 3702A

73. Jovani 2960

  • High low prom gown, strapless beaded bodice, corset lace up back design, wire ruffle hem.
  • Silver/nude and turquoise.

Jovani prom dress 2960

74. Jovani 6404

  • Two piece prom dress, mirror beaded corset, jersey fitted skirt with slit.
  • Black and white.

Two piece prom dress 6404

75. Jovani 4243

  • Princess prom dress, beaded detailed strapless corset, full tulle skirt.
  • Aqua color.

Prom dress style 4243

76. Fame by Forever Yours 5905

  • Princess ball gown prom dress, silver embroidery and beading, sweetheart neckline, multi ruffled skirt, strapless corset bodice with lace up back, organza fabric.
  • Turquoise, white, red sunshine and fuchsia colors.

Fame prom gown 5905

77. Blush 9594

  • Long prom gown, beads,strapless jeweled pleated bodice with sweetheart neckline, beaded full dance skirt.
  • Sapphire and orchid colors – ( 0-30 )

78. Blush 9555

  • Short fit and flare prom dress, crystals and embroidery, short full layered skirt, corset style top with lace up back, stones, tulle.
  • Available in magenta colors – ( 0-30 )

79. Blush 9537

  • Hot strapless prom dress, sheer waist, stones, long beaded skirt.
  • Available in black valentine, royal and fuchsia. ( 0-30 )

80. Blush 9614

  • Long formal dress with a jeweled bust, nude waist, long satin skirt with slit.
  • Available in black/nude and purple/nude – ( 0-30 )

81. Night Moves 6627

  • Long sequin dress with sweetheart neckline, Strapless, covered in sequins, fitted bodice and mid-cut back.
  • Purple, orange/turquoise and black/silver – ( 0-32 )

Night Moves prom 6627

82. Night Moves 6632

  • High low strapless gown for prom, sweetheart neckline, chiffon short/long skirt, beading.
  • Turquoise, fuchsia, white, black – ( 0-32 )

Night Moves prom 6632

83. Night Moves 6700

  • Strapless princess prom dress, heavily beaded corset bodice, long tulle skirt with sprinkled beading.
  • Aqua/white and purple/white – ( 0-32 )

Night Moves prom 6700

84. Night Moves 6611

  • Long hot prom gown, strapless bodice with sheer, beaded lace appliques, boning, long sequin skirt.
  • Black gold, pewter and royal – ( 0-32 )

Prom dress from Night Moves 6611

85. Sherri Hill 21104

  • High low prom gown, sweetheart neckline, ruffled short long skirt, fitted drop waistline, stones.
  • Light blue, ivory, lilac, nude and pink – ( 0-18 )

Sherri Hill prom gown 21104

86. Sherri Hill 8508

  • Long strapless gown for prom, beaded, chiffon, sequined bodice, ruffled skirt.
  • Pink, ice mint and peach – ( 0-18 )

Prom dress by Sherri Hill style 8508

87. Sherri Hill 8510

  • Long strapless prom gown, beaded dress with leg slit, sweetheart neckline.
  • Purple, ivory, pink, turquoise, strawberry and yellow – ( 0-18 )

Sherri Hill 8510 prom gown

88. Sherri Hill 8507

  • Short strapless prom dress, sequined bodice, ruffled short skirt, beaded chiffon.
  • Pink, ice mint and peach – ( 0-18 )

Sherri Hill prom 8507

89. Sherri Hill 21127

  • Ruffled prom gown, jeweled strapless bodice, ruffled layered skirt.
  • Aqua, lilac, coral and pink – ( 00-18 )

Sherri Hill dress for prom 21127

90. Sherri Hill 21043

  • Long sequined prom gown, beaded bust, V-neckline, long floor length skirt, unique back design.
  • Black/silver, coffee, ivory/silver, lime/silver, orange/silver, turquoise/silver and silver – ( 0-18 )

Sherri Hill dress for prom 21043

91. Sherri Hill 2415

  • High low prom gown, sweetheart neckline, ruffled skirt, sequins.
  • White, black, aqua, light pink, red, fuchsia, royal and yellow – ( 0-18 )

Sherri Hill 2415 prom gown

92. Party Time Princess Collection 6002

  • Strapless high low prom dress, beaded bodice, tulle short/long skirt.
  • Available in purple, turquoise and coral colors. ( 0-16 )

93. Party Time Formals 6062

  • High low strapless prom dress, beaded bodice with lace up back, ruffled skirt.
  • Available in lilac, blush, white and turquoise colors. ( 0-16 )

94. Party Time Formals 6022

  • Liquid organza high low prom gown with full ruffles, one shoulder prom dress, fully beaded torso, liquid organza fabric.
  • Available in red, lipstick and latte colors. ( 0-16 )

95. Party Time Formals 6098

  • Hot prom dress,  heavily beaded, big jewels, sweetheart style, double shoulder straps and cut outs.
  • Available in lilac blue, magenta and gold colors. ( 0-12 )

96. Shimmer 59631

  • Halter stye prom dress with spaghetti straps, nude netting on back with beading, V-neck bust, godets.
  • Available in ivory, sea foam and yellow.

97. Tony Bowls Paris 113715

  • High low gown for prom, sweetheart neckline, beaded bodice, layered ruffled skirt.
  • Purple and turquoise colors.

Tony Bowls Paris prom 113715

98. Tony Bowls Paris 113742

  • High low dress for prom, ruffled short/long skirt, stones along the top and across the front diagonaly.
  • Available in green.

Paris prom dress 113742

99. Tony Bowls Paris 113744

  • Hot long prom dress, multi colored jewels, sheer bodice, long jersey skirt with slit.
  • Available in Black.

Tony Bowls Paris prom style 113744

100. Le Gala by Tony Bowls 113500

  • High low prom dress, ruffled short/long skirt, sheer bodice with jewels, strapless.
  • Available in yellow and hot pink.

Le Gala 113500

101. Le Gala by Tony Bowls 113511

  • Long prom dress, sweetheart neckline, strapless, side rouching, stone and sequin covered bodice.
  • Available in coral.

Le Gala prom dress 113511

Each prom dress was chosen from the designers current line for 2013. Follow this article as I will try to get pics for the gowns that don’t currently have one and bigger images to replace the smaller ones.

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Extra dresses that are to gorgeous not to be on this list!

102. Claudine for Alyce 2194

  • Strapless mermaid prom dress, beaded lace with a sweetheart bodice.
  • Black/nude color – ( 00-24 )

2013 prom dress 2194

103. Alyce 6010

  • High low prom dress, Strapless bodice with shattered mirror style and a lace up back.
  • Aqua, pewter, red light pink and royal – ( 00-26 )

Alyce prom 6010

104. Alyce 6012

  • High low prom dress with detachable train, beaded.
  • Emerald, champagne, wow pink and turquoise – ( 00-24 )

Alyce prom dress 6012

105. Alyce 6006

  • Long ruffled organza prom gown, strapless sweetheart neckline, ruffled organza skirt.
  • White/black and black/white – ( 00-24 )

prom 6006

106. Claudine for Alyce 2243

  • Long strapless prom dress, beaded and jeweled upper bust, front side slit.
  • Purple, fuchsia, envy and black – ( 00-28 )

prom 2243

107. Alyce 2197

  • Two piece sequin prom dress, detachable long skirt with slit and strapless sweetheart bodice.
  • Multi color – ( 00-20)

prom 2197

108. Claudine for Alyce 6064

  • Long sequin prom gown, strapless with oval sequins, long skirt with tulle.
  • Turquoise and purple – ( 00-24 )

prom 6064

If you don’t see a dress that you think should be on our list of the 101 best prom dresses for 2013 leave a comment and we will review them.